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worldglobelaptopsRemoving Chains support site, a nonprofit program arm of Ark of Hope for Children, is breaking the chains for those victimized as children by #HumanTrafficking, #ChildAbuse and #Bullying.

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Removing Chains is your survivor support site offering hope, love and encouragement to victimized people globally. Our main focus, as with our founding nonprofit organization Ark of Hope for Children, is to break the chains for those victimized as children by #HumanTrafficking, #ChildAbuse and #Bullying.

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Chains of Child Abuse

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Ark of Hope for Children - our parent nonprofit organization

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#RestoringHope Project - Restoring Hope books

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Ark of Hope partners with TGIM Publishing on a series of stories authored by those victimized by child abuse and child trafficking. "Restoring Hope: Removing the Chains of Child Abuse". Ark of Hope provides mentoring styled support for many internationally that were traumatized as children by the many forms of child abuse and even by childhood illness or disability. All are welcome to contribute to this inspirational... Read more