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Removing Chains Blogs

Updates about Removing Chains survivor support site, news and guest blogs relating to our focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.

Posts tagged 'Child Abuse'

The Apology I Never Got: When An Abuser Dies

All That Sparkles
Category: General

Last month I wrote about forgiveness after abuse. In keeping with that train of thought, I’d like to write about the apology many survivors of all types of abuse never receive. Would that apology make a difference? Would it somehow provide closure? Or would it simply reignite anger and hurt and seem insincere or not enough? Most of us will never know because abusers notoriously don’t admit to what they’ve done and fail to recognize the damage they have caused. They often go on and abuse other people, other children, at an alarming rate. Waiting for an apology, while deserved more than anything, can be torture in itself.

A while ago I learned that someone that abused me as a child passed away. I didn’t find out until months after the fact. I questioned family (those still in my life) and they said they knew nothing about it. I’m not sure what emotion I expected to have when I discovered this news. Relief, maybe. Some kind of joy because he could no longer harm children? Perhaps. But what I felt instead was anger bordering on rage.

I was angry that nobody told me he passed away. I was angry that he never faced jail time or true judicial consequences of any sort for what he did to me. I was angry that he continued to work in churches around children as a leader, as a pastor, long after he pled guilty and walked off with a misdemeanor. I was angry he wasn’t on any of the sex offender registries. And sure, I was angry for everything he did to me. But most of all? I was angry he never once apologized.

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The Weekends, Alcohol, And Abuse: You Deserve To Be Free

All That Sparkles
Category: General

The Weekends, Alcohol, And Abuse: You Deserve To Be Free

For many abuse victims the weekend can be a scary time. There is more time spent at home, more alcohol consumed, and more time spent with the abuser. All of this translates to what should be a couple days of relaxation away from school or work to a fearful couple of days trapped in a prison of a home instead.

Not every abuser consumes alcohol of course but the ones that do may tend to escalate their consumption on the weekends. This is bad news for children being abused and in homes where one of the parents are being abused. A scholarly article published by Case Western Reserve University Professor Megan R. Holmes, et al states:

Child Abuse


The Grinch: How Abuse Stole Christmas

All That Sparkles
Category: General


The Grinch: How Abuse Stole Christmas

Today is a beautiful fall day in October. The leaves are changing, the temps are cooling, and everything pumpkin has invaded the stores. I love this time of year and Fall just might be my favorite season. I’d rather snuggle up in blankets and warm clothes than sweat it out any day of the year.

However, the holidays are not exactly something I get excited about. In fact, to be honest, I dread them. Before you stop reading this and assume I am a female Grinch please allow me to explain. I am a childhood abuse survivor.

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Every Ten Seconds

All That Sparkles
Category: General

Every Ten Seconds

By Stephanie March

Every ten seconds in America a child is abused or raped. One in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the age of seventeen. These statistics are not easy to stomach let alone wrap our minds around. The sheer magnitude of the number of children that have been harmed and will be harmed is shocking and difficult to think about. And that’s exactly why we must.


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