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Updates about Removing Chains survivor support site, news and guest blogs relating to our focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.

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The Power Of Persistence

All That Sparkles
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The Power of Persistence 

Around the time that I was in the 4th grade I decided I would become an attorney when I grew up.  I even knew what kind of attorney I planned on being: a District Attorney that prosecuted people that abused children, murderers, and batterers.  Even at that age I wanted to protect other children and help make the world a better place.  

And it didn't end at just being an attorney.  I wanted my career to lead to being a Judge, then perhaps a Senator, so I could help change laws.  

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All That Sparkles

All That Sparkles
Category: General

All That Sparkles

 RCc Blog

Three and a half years ago I embarked on a journey away from abuse and towards freedom.  It has been a long road full of pain, surprises, and discoveries.  I won’t lie to you and tell you it has been easy.  Because it hasn’t.  But I will tell you that, even when it seemed like it wasn’t, it has truly been worth it.

There are many factors that contributed to the kickstart of this journey.  You could say it began in childhood with abuse, the decision to be with one toxic person after another, or the police that showed up at my house that final day.  I believe all of that played a huge part but truly it began with a simple piece of paper handed to me by a concerned therapist.  

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