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Removing Chains is an #ArkofHope Listener and peer support network. If nobody is in chat leave it open and use our community to post updates. Check back often as we grow to see when others are online.

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thumb adultsurvivorsAdult Survivors of Child Abuse

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse now have a live text only chat support outlet through the Removing Chains site. For thousands of survivors the emotional scars of child abuse have carried over into their adult lives. Often times once buried memories return with debilitating effects. Some can afford counseling help, many cannot. Loving help is here through Removing Chains Coaches, mentors and fellow survivors.

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This adult survivor room is for those who do not mind sharing in a coed room. If you prefer to be with only adult male or only adult female survivors those rooms are available.

Through our caring listeners we hope you will learn how to cope, rid yourself of guilt, and build upon your negative past to create a fulfilling future. In this way survivors can take the atrocities of your childhood and turn them into instruments of good for others who may be in a very similar position. 

Pain from child abuse can carry long into our adulthood. It is said the trauma can last a lifetime. Many other survivors know of the skeletons that tumble out and the confusion the follows once the memories return.  At Removing Chains you will be able to find that trusted person that will believe, will listen and support you without judgment. You are not on this journey alone. Someone cares – someone will believe – you can run to us. As in the video, “We believe a beautiful tomorrow is at your feet.”