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Removing Chains of Abuse 360
Restoring Hope: Removing 
Chains of Child Abuse
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thumb removechainsHuman Trafficking Survivor Chat Support

Victims of child sex and even child labor trafficking have found confidential help with Ark of Hope for Children for years so we built this live text only chat support room just for them on our Removing Chains website. offers Coaches, mentors and fellow survivors that will listen, encourage and bring you hope.

Often what trafficking victims have been unable to talk about with others face to face, they find barriers removed on We are here for you whether you are still a victim and looking for a way out or you have found physical freedom but the emotional torment continues.

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Human and child trafficking defined; "When a child has been recruited, transported, harbored, or received and some commercial element is introduced in the production of child pornography, then that individual has also engaged in child trafficking. Whether they work in strip clubs or sweatshops, these boys and girls are victims of human trafficking."

There have been increasing numbers of victims rescued, but almost no emotional help to deal with their trauma. PTSD, depression, self harm and numerous other traumatic memories leave them feeling isolated, misunderstood and increasingly hopeless. Ark of Hope has found that a supportive live chat environment can help survivors transition from other controlling them, to a gradual feeling of regaining confidence and self control. In our small online way we aim to earn your trust and be a key to your moving on to a thriving, victorious and free life.

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Bring hope to rescued child trafficking victims

If YOU or someone you know may need to be RESCUED, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have links to great people who can make that happen!