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Removing Chains is an #ArkofHope Listener and peer support network. If nobody is in chat leave it open and use our community to post updates. Check back often as we grow to see when others are online.

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Removing Chains

"Listeners Reviving Hearts with Hope"

Removing Chains live chat support is always FREE, works on ALL devices and chat now translates into 22 languages!

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 Removing Chains survivor support site offers hope, love and encouragement to survivors globally, especially those victimized as children by #HumanTrafficking, #ChildAbuse and #Bullying. Now chat translates into 20+ languages!

Removing Chains does not provide therapy, but mentoring, friendship-styled support from volunteer Listeners and peer support from fellow survivors.

How to Register and/or Login YouTube Playlist Below:

  • Video #1: How to login and access the chat pages using a smart phone

Our parent nonprofit organization, Ark of Hope for Children, will exhaust all efforts to connect survivors to localized authorities, therapists and/or professionals globally as needed. Just let a leader in a chat room or in an appropriate Removing Chains Community group what you need.

We are a program fully supported only by your donations to Ark of Hope for Children and our online resale shop on Ebay called Children R Not For Sale.


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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life ~J K Rowling

Ark of Hope says, Let right here, right now, be your rock bottom. If you're a survivor, refuse to give them one more piece of yourself. Thousands of other survivors stand with you!

#ArkofHope is #RestoringHope and #RemovingChains