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Register here then you will be sent a welcome email, so use a good email address. Click the link in the email and you will be able to login here! Users MUST log out here when done!

Removing Chains is an #ArkofHope Listener and peer support network. If nobody is in chat leave it open and use our community to post updates. Check back often as we grow to see when others are online.

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Chat and Community Notes and Rules

Removing Chains How-To Video Playlist Below

Live Text Chat

Welcome new and original users of Removing Chains survivor support chat services. We NEVER use video chat at any time for your privacy and security.

Chat window pops out

so it can stay open while you visit the RC Community, our Library of Hope or any other page on our site!


All users must be aware of the following rules and site notes:

  • Nobody is Online: If nobody is on chat, try the community while you keep chat open. Need someone now? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a time to meet. 
  • Never share your email address or social network accounts: Survivors, please never share these! While our Listeners must pass a background check we do not know most of them on a personal, in-person level. We do not want anyone at risk. Someone contacting you outside of Removing Chains site could have bad intentions and we are determined to keep every user safe.
  • Trigger Warnings: Please be considerate of other survivors with what you share in the open rooms. We do not want to trigger others into an anxiety attack that may have difficulty with Post Traumatic Stress or severe bad memories.
  • We don't stand for verbal or sexual harassment!: If you  have been harassed in a room or in private, Please report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including users name, time it happened and which room you were in and we will deal with it. AND block that person from being able to message you anymore.
  • Under 13 Years Old: By U.S. law, users under 13 years old require your parents’ or guardians’ permission. Parents or guardians please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can have you sign the needed form. HOWEVER, IF you are currently being abused, message a leader right away. They will contact Ark of Hope for Children right away. We can work with your school, authorities or adults in your community to get you to safety. Then one of those adults will hopefully give the necessary written approval to continue using our site.
  • Don't forget to log out: You can log out from the "Survivors Chat Support" tab, or near the top of any of the RC Community pages. Use those to logout of the entire site, not just the chat, so you won't have any trouble getting back online when you return.
  • Listeners are NOT therapists: Our Listeners and moderators are not therapists or mental health counselors. Guidance they may offer is never intended to replace those of a professional mental health professional. Ark of Hope for Children is happy to help you find a therapist in your area, so email Blair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Be respectful: Moderators (Listeners) are able to kick from rooms of a user is being offensive so please be respectful. Three times kicked, or warned, will result in at least a temporary ban from access to the chat rooms and community.
  • Translation is automatic!: Translation of the live text chat is now automatic translating into 20+ different languages! This is exciting addition for us at Removing Chains but note that the Support Community pages are not able to translate so you must rely on Google Translate or others.
  • Avatars: Now you can create an avatar so people can identify you more easily in the chat rooms.
  • Listeners Schedule: Once we have enough listeners that are willing to or able to commit to specific times we will work on how to post that on this page.

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