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Removing Chains is an #ArkofHope Listener and peer support network. If nobody is in chat leave it open and use our community to post updates. Check back often as we grow to see when others are online.

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Teen Depression, Self-Harm, Mental Health Support

Removing Chains offers live text only chat room for teens or under 18 going through depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts or anything else messing with your head. Whether anxiety, PTSD or other mental health issues we know it can feel very lonely and hard to find anyone that seems to care. Ark of Hope for Children has been helping young people for many years. Now we have built our own live chat site to help in an even better way.

Psych Bleed TeenDepression 600 does not have professional counselors, but we have very passionate listeners and care givers. Removing Chains website offers Coaches, mentors and fellow survivors that will listen, encourage and not judge. We will try to connect you with resources near you as well.

Whether you are a current victim, a survivor or a passionate care giver this area is for you. If you are a survivor, we all want to hear about your triumphs, and hope you will support current victims that are striving to thrive.

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