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Requirements to be a Listener on

As a Listener, Mentor or Survivor's Coach on Removing Chains live chat support site you can be an ear of compassion for survivors. Following are the requirements to volunteer as anApplyOnline online e-mentor on Removing Chains survivor support site.

Removing Chains Listeners and Mentors* are NOT counselors, therapists or legal advisors in any official capacity. We often help to connect them to professionals in their area as needed for solid in-person support.
*A Survivors Coach may be a licensed professional in one of these or other capacities


  • Listener applicants must complete 15+ hours as a registered user in Removing Chains chat rooms before applying.
  • Background checks are required for volunteers 18+ due to the ability to help often helping children and youth. The fee of $33.oo* is paid by the applicant and performed by Verified Volunteers, a division of Points of Light. Simply click their link, register on Verified Volunteers site and you can arrange your background check to become a Removing Chains Listener today!
  • Listeners 18+ must use their real first name and last initial as their username and we will then add the appropriate title to your username. This gives the people you are helping feeling of safety.
  • Applicant must provide character references from (2) regular Removing Chains users AND (2) references from personal contacts. Give them this link to fill out their reference online or print and mail in.background check button
  • We only ask for 2 to 4 hours per week based on your schedule but accept more if willing.
  • Attend twice monthly conference calls or online meetings for training and e-Mentoring team support.

* In areas where counties or administrative courts charge Verified Volunteers fees for access to information, the fees will be passed along and the amount will be reflected in the total cost during Step 4 of the order process.

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Does this sound like you? Fill out our online application for this or other positions within Ark of Hope for Children’s programs for those victimized as children by child abuse, human trafficking, or bullying.

I think I want to be a helper on Removing Chains


You can be an ear of compassion for those victimized by others. By volunteering to be a Junior Listener, Listener, Mentor or Coach on Removing Chains new live text chat abuse survivors support site you can change lives. Our unique victim support site is global in reach. We need compassionate people willing to listen to help survivors feel heard, which in turn can help them heal.

Some of us have a natural ability to listen and ask helpful questions. Others have lived through our own victimization and been helped, and now have a very valuable empathy that can help others.

If this sounds like you then we need you! If you are a survivor we hope you will allow your history to help someone else. Removing Chains helpers DO NOT act as counselors, therapists or legal advisers but we do offer to listen and to link visitors with local professionals as needed.

Your compassion can change lives. Removing Chains support is always free and open 24/7 every day of the week and has 13+ chat rooms providing group or private chat. We ask listeners to fill 2 to 4 (or more) hours once or more a week.

Basic Requirements;

  • We ask for 2-4 hours per week in time slots that work for you based on your schedule. Logging on in the evenings in your time zone can be very helpful. As we have grown users from Europe, Africa and Australia for instance, seek those who can provide support within their global time zone.
  • Junior Listeners (under 18 years old) are not allowed to provide support for survivors of child abuse, human trafficking or any similar abuse for legal reasons and to protect their own mental health. 
  • Usernames for helpers over 17 will use their real names; first name then first letter of last name. This shows transparency to the person you are helping and gives them a feeling of security that you are a safe person.
  • Chat room helpers MUST be willing to submit to a criminal background check. Our victims / survivors deserve to know they are safe with us! Since we are a nonprofit organization the $33.00 cost of the background check is paid by the volunteer applicant.
  • After the the initial volunteer vetting period, users can apply to become a Listener after 30 hours of registered chat room hours have been completed

What more do I need to know before I apply to be an online helper?

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Does this sound like you? Fill out our online application for these or other positions within Ark of Hope for Children’s programs for those victimized as children by child abuse, human trafficking, or bullying.

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